Children’s Music

CHAOS February 2014 109                                                 CHAOS February 2014 115

Cherub/Alleluia Choir

Jan-22- 10:45 Service

Feb-19- 10:45 Service

Mar-19- 10:45 Service

May-7- 10:45 Service

The Cherub/Alleluia Choir’s meet on Wednesdays during the school year, two different choirs come together to sing God’s praises and have fun together.  At 5:30 pm, the Alleluia Choir (grades 2-6) meets in room 109; at 6:00 pm the Cherub Choir (ages 3-grade 1) meets in room 109.  Music is also a part of Power Hour for pre-school through 6th grade.  Director Kris Tillotson  (238-4418) would love to answer questions about these choirs, and she invites any child to come and check out the fun!

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