The following arrangements should be made for your wedding:

1. Reserving the date by contacting the Church Office

(507-238-4418 OR

Reserve the date and time for your wedding by contacting the church office as far in advance as possible.  Once you have paid a $100 deposit, confirmed the date and time, and signed a contract/agreement form, it will be entered on the church’s calendar and will be reserved for you.

· Because of Saturday evening worship – a Saturday wedding will be scheduled to start no later than 4:00 p.m. – or after 7:30 p.m.  Possible    exceptions to this policy are possible only with specific considerations and after consultation with a pastor.

· Due to staff, facility and calendar commitments, weddings are not possible on certain dates.  Reserving your wedding through the church office will avoid these conflicts.

· The church suggests a minimum of 6 months to plan your wedding, unless there are special circumstances (which need to be approved by a pastor).

Reservation of the church as a backup location can only be made within 6 months of the wedding date.  A $100 deposit is required, but is refundable if the facility isn’t used.  Please discuss this option thoroughly with one of the pastors.

A copy of Grace’s Wedding Guidelines-click below

Wedding Guidelines Sept2017

2.  Rehearsal 

Although a wedding is a worship service and a celebration (not a pageant), a rehearsal is always helpful and usually necessary.  It takes about an hour and is normally held the night before the wedding.  It is best when the entire wedding party is present for the rehearsal.  (Note: musicians and audio personnel need to arrange a time before or after the Rehearsal to make necessary arrangements and/or practice)

PLEASE BE PROMPT.  The rehearsal will not take place unless the License has been submitted and all expenses have been paid.


3.  Pastor(s)

A pastor from Grace will be involved with every wedding ceremony that takes place at Grace.  We will attempt to respect your choice of any pastor on staff for your ceremony; however scheduling conflicts are sometimes unavoidable.  There is also a general openness, if you wish, for a clergy person from another church to also participate in your wedding.  Please discuss this possibility with the Grace pastor who will be working with you and your wedding.

4. Musicians 

Musicians should be scheduled as soon as possible in your wedding planning.  Organ music is the most frequently used, although other instruments may also be appropriate.  It is best to have one of Grace’s organists play for your wedding.  A consultation with him/her will assist you in choosing the music for your wedding.  Contact information for Grace organists, pianists, and soloists can be found in section G.

If you choose to use a non-Grace organist, he/she is required to meet with a Grace organist before using the instrument.

It is important that music used during the ceremony be appropriate for worship, so your choices need to be approved by Grace’s pastor at least 4 weeks in advance of the wedding.  While taped or prerecorded music is possible, it is highly discouraged (note- CDRW discs do not work in Grace’s Sound System). Remind all musicians that practice times need to be scheduled on the Grace master calendar, to avoid potential conflicts.


5. Sound & Projection Systems 

Grace has very effective, but very complex sound and projection systems.  Because they are dedicated primarily for worship purposes, they are to be operated by Grace-trained personnel, only.  They will very gladly work with you to provide the sound/music/projection that you desire; however they will make the final decision on all sound/audio/projection matters.  This consultation should take place at least one week prior to the Rehearsal.



Couples married at Grace are asked to participate in marriage preparation/counseling.  PREPARE is a copyrighted instrument designed to help a couple explore their relationship.  As a part of your first meeting with your wedding coordinator, you will fill out (or make arrangements for) the inventory. If you choose to complete PREPARE online, you will need to provide an e-mail address.  Once you receive your PREPARE report, please contact you pastor to schedule a time to process the results. Subsequent sessions might be suggested, based on this conversation.


7.   Marriage License

Minnesota law requires a Minnesota License to marry in Minnesota, which currently costs $110 (with additional pre-marriage preparation, this cost can be reduced to $40). You can apply for your license from the County Recorder’s office in any county in Minnesota.  There is a 5 day waiting period to pick it up, and then it is valid for 6 months.  Only one person needs to apply for the license, but he/she must have proof of age for both bride and groom. The license must be turned in to the church office by the day of the rehearsal.  Please also provide the legal names of the witnesses at the same time.