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Confirmation is time for young people to live out the Christian Faith—connecting to the church and discovering their place as Jesus’ follower not only today but for the rest of their lives.

Confirmation at Grace is made up of 4 key activities: learning, worship, service, and time with mentors.  Participation in all four parts helps young people grow as Jesus’ followers.   Confirmation at Grace runs in a three year cycle.  Every traditional subject in Luther’s Small Catechism and a basic introduction to scripture are covered in three years.  All students study the same material during the year. At the end of three years every student will be exposed to all these subject, though not in the same order.


Confirmation Wednesdays, except the 4th Wednesday of the month and Wednesdays in Advent and Lent, begin in the Worship Center:


6:15-6:25 Everyone Gathers in the Worship Center to hear the days main topic.

6:25-7:00 Small Groups

Students break out into small groups with their adult guides for a time of personal check in, discussion on the topic of the day, and calendar reminders . The small groups are from 7-9 students in size, plus the adult leader. The small groups are formed by grade level. The adult guide works with the group to build community within the group and to lead discussion about faith and life.

7:00-7:30 Wednesday Communion

We gather together for music, led by the Praise Band, bible reading and teaching, devotional prayer, communion, and then students and guides sent out from the Worship Center. All confirmation students are expected at Wednesday Communion sitting either with their a small group and guide or an adult member of their family.

DURING ADVENT AND LENT: Confirmation Students  attend worship on Wednesday nights beginning at 6:30 with their mentors.

Remember 75% of Confirmation happens beyond Wednesday nights.  Worship, Service, and time with Mentors make up ¾ of confirmation learning at Grace.

WORSHIP is essential to Christian life and Confirmation at Grace is simply incomplete without it.

SERVICE sits at the heart of Christian character and confirmation at Grace and confirmation students serve both in the church and in the community as part of confirmation.


MENTORING is a confirmation tradition at Grace.  Each student is asked to connect with a wise and trusted counselor/ teacher for ongoing faith conversations.  Before the year begins students and parents are asked to consider their choice for a mentor.

























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